Carlos Millán Soler

Software Engineer

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About Me

Carlos has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering. He has specialized in the design and implementation of microservices generally related to machine learning and NLP. He currently works at Sciling, a machine learning agency, where he has been working for more than five years.

Learning enthusiast, he spends part of his free time developing personal interest projects, usually related to Open Source. He is a lover of clean code and simple solutions and he likes to face new challenges. He is a sociable person who loves meeting people from other cultures and travelling.


Sciling S.L.

Software Development

  • Design and implementation of microservices that works together to achieve the deployment in production of ML models starting from the model file only. This service builds a Docker image based on a given model and deploys it to production exposing an API that fits the platform requirements
  • Working as contractor for a large oil and gas company in an international team following agile methodologies. The mission is to create an entire NLP system going through all the phases, from design to deployment
  • Design and implementation of Restful APIs using Python and NodeJS
  • Connection with external APIs such as Facebook, Twitter or Spotify
  • Use of non-relational and relational databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • Virtualization of microservices leveraging Docker and Kubernetes
  • Programming in Python and C++ for data processing
  • Linux scripting
  • Android development
  • Frontend development with jQuery, Angular and Vue.js
  • Generation of a deep learning model using Keras and Tensorflow
  • Generation of a deep learning model using Gluon and MXNet

Beacon Media Group

Development project

Design and implementation of a whole system for generating a video from photos obtained by several cameras.

  • Tablet application using Ionic
    • Communication with the backend to take pictures and visualize the video
  • Frontend application using Ionic
    • Admin and business account
    • Set up and update client accounts
    • Manage business branching
    • Set up and update business projects
  • Backend application using NodeJS
    • Manage account stuff
    • Manage project stuff
    • Receives pictures from the cameras and process the video asynchronously
  • Raspberry with cameras
    • Receives an order to take and send pictures
    • Must be indexed in the backend

Beacon Media Group

Development project

Design and implementation of the control system for a remote camera, to record musical and sporting events.

  • Application with Kivy framework in Python executed on a Raspberry Pi
    • Obtaining events from a joystick connected to the Raspberry Pi
    • Sending information through the MQTT protocol for real-time movement of the cameras and the execution of prefixed movements
  • C++ application executed on a Raspberry Pi
    • Use of Cross-Compilation for the compilation of libraries
    • Subscription of messages using the MQTT protocol for movement control of a camera by a slider
  • Application in C++ executed on an Arduino
    • Subscription of messages using the MQTT protocol for movement control of stabilization gimbal


Private lessons

Private programming lessons for students from different engineering degrees

Diputació de València

Development and technical support

  • Dynamic web programming using JavaServer Pages
  • Connection with database through Hibernate
  • Web Service calls
  • Creation of reports in iReports


Universitat Politècnica de València, València


Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

Universitat Politècnica de València, València


Degree in Computer Engineering

Some personal projects


Bash script to check updates of Arch Linux packages given from arguments or stdin with no need to update the local repositories. Not installed and fake packages can also be checked.

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Robot 4x4 Raspberry Pi

This project is mainly a server leveraging NodeJS with the framework ExpressJS. It implements a local authentication strategy based on a MySQL server located in another Raspberry Pi (B+).

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This program is basically a wrapper for tracer, a logging library for NodeJS. Implemented in pure JavaScript.

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